Thursday, January 12, 2006


Luna was walking near to the sea , Luna wants many things ..

Dreams , desires , hopes ..and some fears ...she just want feel right ...

Sometimes ..she wants see the Sun ...( It will be possible just at the moment when day start )

The shining color that he has ...She felt totally allright ..

The soft music is around ..( Silence ) ..

...some starts are around her ...and they talk about her how beautifull she shines ..

But ..she only wants see again and feel the same .. ( Far days ?? )

While days go by .. she sings songs for starts ..tell them many histories ..she makes them feel fine ...

Luna is walking near to sea..dreams, hopes and some fears dance around her ..

Air is her friend ...and always try to confort her ... ( somethings are sure she says )

The shining color that she has ... Luna are there at sky ...shining every night ...

*** Cuando tu sueños se harán realidad los cambios son el tiempo es amigo...llegará tu momento ...Luna..brillá ..tu momento vendrá ***


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